SEND Inclusion Award

This academic year, we are applying for the SENDI award this is in recognition of the work we undertake in identifying, developing and celebrating the success of our SEND provision. Mrs. Thompson is the lead professionals applying for this award.

At Farne Primary School, every child is equal, valued and unique. We aim to provide an environment where all pupils feel safe and can flourish. We will respond to individuals in ways which take into account their varied life experiences and particular needs.

We aim to:

  • To provide full access for all pupils to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • To ensure the equality of opportunities for all children
  • To ensure that the needs of pupils with SEND are identified, assessed, planned for and regularly reviewed to improve outcomes
  • To enable pupils with SEND to achieve their potential
  • To ensure parents / carers are fully engaged in decision making
  • To take into account the views, wishes and feelings of pupils
  • To provide advice and support for all staff working with pupils with SEN
  • To develop a system for the early identification of a child’s SEND
  • To seek support from outside services, when required, so that the child’s needs are addressed as early as possible
  • To provide detailed information about the arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for pupils with SEND.

  We have decided to work towards obtaining the SENDI Award  to help us recognise our current good practice and highlight areas for development. As we develop and refine the systems in school, from induction to transition, we will be seeking your input and views. Updates as to how we are progressing will be posted on the website and in our Farne Primary Newsletters.

 There are 8 objectives that, as a school, we have to fulfil to gain the SENDI Award.

These are:

 Objective 1: The school demonstrates a commitment to achieving and maintaining the SEND Inclusion Award, including informing relevant stakeholders.

 Objective 2: The school’s SEND policy and practice is compliant with legislation and DfE guidance and promotes an inclusive ethos.

Objective 3: There is strong and effective leadership and management of SEND provision.

Objective 4 :Everyday teaching and learning for pupils with SEND is good or better

Objective 5:  There is an effective system for identifying pupils’ special educational needs.

Objective 6:Pupils are actively involved in decision-making about, and the delivery of, their own SEND provision/ support.

Objective 7: Parents are actively involved in decision-making about, and the delivery of their children’s SEND provision/support.

Objective 8: The school is committed to providing high-quality, on-going CPD on SEND.