Sports Premium Funding

Sports Premium Funding

As a school we receive funding from Central Government based upon pupil numbers. This funding is called Sports Premium Funding and is intended to enable us as a school to improve the quality of the PE and sport activities that we offer all of our children.

We believe that it is vital to engage all children irrespective of their sporting abilities and therefore we have chosen to allocate our funding based upon some key principles:


  • increase participation in sport this year helping children to become healthier, fitter and happier through the reduction of stress!
  • increase the range of sporting opportunities, both inside and outside of school hours, we will discover talents and signpost children and parents to find a sport that suits their own personality, needs and abilities.
  • develop vital life skills about teamwork, how to handle pressure and overcome fear, and develop self-discipline.
  • develop commitment, perseverance and confidence required for competitive sports which can be transferred across to the academic areas of learning.
  • develop staff confidence and skills with physical education.

It is up to us as a school to make decisions as to how we spend this funding. A significant proportion of our funding is spent on providing our pupils with a full time specialist PE sports coach, which allows us as a school to draw on invaluable specialist support and coaching/training opportunities.

The Impact of Our Sports Premium Funding (2014-2015)

Last year we were able to:

  • Run a wide variety of after school sporting activities, led by our Lead Sports Coach without any charge to parents and carers.

  • Ensure that equipment was replenished where needed so that all of our children had access to a wide range of well resourced sporting experiences.

  • Be an active part of the Newcastle North West learning Trust and the Local Authority PE provision, allowing a significant proportion of our children to participate successfully in sporting events and competitions, alongside other local primary schools. These included: cross country, basketball, cricket festival, KS1 and 2 swimming gala, Y1 dance festival, tag rugby festival, girls' football and tennis.

  • Invest in staff training and professional development to ensure high quality PE provision.

  • For all children from Nursery to Year 6 to be involved in a 1 day skipping festival, culminating in a community skip.

  • For the whole school to be involved in 'Healthy Fun Day'. Children from Nursery through to Year 6, participated in a wide range of diverse 'healthy' activities and workshops including- football, yoga, assault course, smoothie making and cookery, parachute games, gardening, first aid, team challenges, cheerleading, rocket ball, karate and much more.

  • Pay for and heavily subsidise transport to inter-school sporting festivals and competitions.

How did our children benefit?

Through Sports Premium Funding our children:

  • Were active.

  • Developed self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Had the opportunity to excel.

  • Broadened their experiences.

  • Developed co-operative skills.

  • Developed a sense of belonging, participating as part of a team.

  • Had pride in their work and efforts.

  • Celebrated success.

  • Developed sporting skills- guided by experts.

  • Found new interests- which they continue to develop outside of school.

  • Developed many social skills, within different contexts.

  • Improved levels of health and emotional well-being.

  • Handled disappointment.